The Black Sun rises

Theion Publishing is very proud to announce its next forthcoming title!
The complete edition of:
Liber Nigri Solis: An Aeonic Astrochymical Grimoire of the Black Sun.

In late 2012 we were sent the fully revised and complete edition of Liber Nigri Solis. Greatly impressed by its Gnosis and presentation, we immediately decided to publish this work as our first release in 2013 and to arrange our publication schedule accordingly.

In 2009 a few dozen exemplars of a heavily abridged version of Liber Nigri Solis were released in an ill-fated publishing attempt by an obscure Press. Despite these unfortunate circumstances however, the book’s Gnosis seeped out even through the pages of this unworthy, inferior conception and has cemented the work’s notorious and sinister reputation; it has since become one of the most sought after and expensive occult books on the collector’s market.

Now, for the first time, we will see the release of the complete edition of Liber Nigri Solis, substantially enlarged, appropriately edited and revised.

This intensely antinomian grimoire elaborates the occult, magical and initiatory work of two esoteric orders. Presenting the aeonic history, mythic imagery, and arcane aesthetics of the Black Sun along with its alchemical and astrological aspects and significances, this opus includes a concise though multi-faceted system of esoteric correspondences suitable for work with the Black Sun on microcosmic, mesocosmic, and macrocosmic levels.

It provides eighteen keys which open the nine Infernal Gates and the nine Gates of Radiant Darkness, ultimately leading to the vision of the Black Sun, which radiates twelve crooked paths that cross the nine Thresholds. The text also elaborates significant concepts such as the Fivefold Unmanifest or the Grand Chymical Conjunction of the arcane Black Suns that unveils the fiery gates of the Inverse Opus.


This work enables solitary practitioners and occult colleagues alike to cultivate the Gnosis of the Sol Niger through self-initiatory workings, rites, and operations of sinister alchemy. The complete, revised edition contains an extensively expanded treatise on aeonic theory and mesocosmic history as well as substantial theoretical and operative material concerning plague-magic and epidemics. Also included are occult researches concerning the sunspot cycle, cosmological considerations pertaining to Indo-Iranian mythology, and a variety of new rites and other previously unreleased contributions from the work of both Orders.

Lavishly illustrated, Liber Nigri Solis will be introduced by one of the foremost academic experts in the field and released as a limited auric deluxe and a limited hardback edition. We expect this book to go to the printers in mid March; pre-order options for this title will be opened for our loyal subscribers within the next few weeks! As we expect the special auric edition to sell out quickly, we suggest subscribing to our mailing list to ensure an opportunity to secure one of the few copies we will have available.

This publication will be the first in a series of exciting releases planned for this year.