Subscription & Authors

Following the launch of our Theion Publishing website we invite everyone to subscribe to our mailing list. Subscribers will receive full advance details on all projects pertaining to our work and will have the opportunity to reserve our limited deluxe editions before they become available to the general public. On special occasions we shall also make unique offers exclusively to the members of this list.

We are proud to announce David Beth and Craig Williams as our first two authors. David Beth is one of the most important voices of serious, contemporary esotericism. His work continuously investigates unique environments and new frontiers of spiritual and Gnostic theory and practice. Craig Williams is a highly respected initiated Tantric and Vedic practitioner being one of the few westerners to receive the “Veda Kovid” and “Yogacharya” titles from David Frawley and the American Institute of Vedic Studies.

Expect updates on their future projects with us soon!