Shipping update & News on further releases

With all pre-ordered standard copies of The Vodou Quantum Leap having arrived at their new homes we are happy to announce that shipment of the Auric copies will begin today.

New author and release: Theion Publishing is very pleased to welcome Richard Gavin to its fold. As long time admirers of his work we are especially delighted to be publishing Richard’s first full length book of occult non-fiction. Get ready to enter The Benighted Path.

The Benighted Path
Primeval Gnosis and the Monstrous Soul

by Richard Gavin

Twisting beyond the placid boundaries of civilization is an ancient path. Its stalkers do not march the linear road of human progress but instead orient their souls to the luminous, haunted darkness of the Night Primeval. Many have glimpsed this realm, when sleep has delivered them onto the back of the charging Night-Mare, and recollections of these brief visitations survive in countless tales of terror and in the folklore of locales rumoured to be fey or cursed. Rare, however, is the individual who willingly pays the tariff and passes irretrievably through that twilight of existence in order to become Benighted.

Drawing upon the shadow aspects of a variety of traditions, including the khabit of Ancient Egypt, the Biocentrism of Ludwig Klages, Aghora, the Gothic, and David Beth’s pan-daemonic Kosmic Gnosis, all distilled through the author’s praxis,  The Benighted Path explores the breach through which the egoic self is slain in order to unleash the aspirant’s true Monstrous Soul. Only then may the Benighted offer their adoration to the Gorgon and partake of the Sidereal Feast.

On the author: Richard Gavin is a critically-acclaimed writer who works in the areas of horror and the primordial, oftentimes illuminating the nexus where these fields intersect. He has authored four books of macabre fiction, including At Fear’s Altar (Hippocampus Press, 2012), as well as poetry, criticism, and several occult essays for publications such as Starfire Journal and Clavis.
The Benighted Path is his most substantial esoteric work to date.

Release Date: Fall 2015


Image: (c) 2015, J.Witzky. “Father’s Moon.” Oil on torn linen, 36″x40″.

(c) 2015, J.Witzky. "Father's Moon."