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On the Cosmogonic Eros

by Ludwig Klages

Theion Publishing has just secured the rights to the first ever English translation of Ludwig Klages’ On the Cosmogonic Eros.  Certainly one of the most fascinating and evocative books on esoteric metaphysics of the 20th century this work is a true milestone in the revival of a primordial pagan Gnosis.

David Beth has cited it as the most influential book on his esoteric and magical thought and Hermann Hesse said that “in the pages of this book On the Cosmogonic Eros the nearly unspeakable has been forged into words.” We are very pleased that this ground-breaking opus will finally be made available to the English speaking world.

Such an important work demands the utmost care and attention in translation and preparation which means that we anticipate a release around late 2017/early 2018. We promise that the waiting will be absolutely worth it!

For a thorough treatise on the life and metaphysics of Ludwig Klages we suggest picking up a copy of Chthonic Gnosis ~ Ludwig Klages and his Quest for the Pandaemonic All which also contains an essay on the impact of Klages’ work, particular his Cosmogonic Eros, on the influential Tantric Buddhist master Anagarika Govinda.

Cult of the Black Cube

by Dr. Arthur Moros

Cult of the Black Cube is a fascinating and strategically composed collection of esoteric texts, traditions and techniques which together manifest the essence of the mysterious Saturn death cult, traces of which can be found in in various esoteric traditions. This book must be considered essential for advanced LHP practitioners, and contains material for devotees of both Eastern and Western chthonic and saturnine Gnosis.

Dr. Arthur Moros is the pseudonym of a respected scholar and author of various academic books on aspects of Western Esotericism. He is also an esoteric practitioner of more than 20 years and this is his first full length book as an occult adept on the Gnosis of the Left Hand.

Release: Spring 2017

Forthcoming in August 2016:

The Faceless God

by Dr. Tomas Vincente
(with an introduction by David Beth)

We are putting the finishing touches on our forthcoming release The Faceless God which is one of the most sophisticated and intense books on the nature of the Left Hand Path published in the past decades. A genuine manifestation of the pan-daemonic mysteries it also shines a fascinating new light on the relationship of H.P. Lovecraft’s life and work with the occult. Complete with rituals this publication is a must-have for any serious practitioner of the Arte. Expect pre-orders for this title to commence within the next 4 weeks.

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