Forthcoming releases in 2018

2018 has arrived and we are very happy to share some very exciting news on forthcoming publications with you.


by the Sepulcher Society

Our first release of 2018 will be Underworld, a study and manual of practical necromancy, compiled by the Sepulcher Society. The work provides detailed descriptions of multiple cultural models of the Underworld and its deities, how to engage such entities, as well as modern practical techniques of necromancy.

Underworld addresses the chthonic realm and its associated spiritual practices from the viewpoint of the contemporary practicing occultist and focuses its discussion on the intrusive aspect of the chthonian powers, which are not constrained to the world of the dead. Underworld details how the modern magician can enter the pathways of Hell to gain tremendous personal powers and advantages for his spiritual life.

Expect pre-order in late February


Ophidian Hieroglyphs

by David Beth

2018 will also see the release of David Beth’s greatly anticipated Ophidian Hieroglyphs. This work on the theory and practice of a genuine Vodou Secret Society is the result of more than 25 years of study and initiation into Vodou and Afro-centric traditions. As a red sect, the Société Voudon Gnostique (S.V.G.) operates outside the laws of orthodox Vodou and fuses African, Haitian, Western Gnostic and vitalist transmissions and metaphysics into a fascinating system of antinomian magic and Gnosis. Ophidian Hieroglyphs will elaborate the initiatic cultus of the S.V.G. and the quest of the Bokor for the roots of Vodou and the source of true primordial power in the experience of the pandaemonic All.

Expect pre-order in summer 2018


On the Cosmogonic Eros

by Ludwig Klages

Klages’s study of ecstasy, Eros and the primordial consciousness is certainly one of the most fascinating and evocative books on esoteric metaphysics of the 20th century. This work is a true milestone in the revival of a pagan Gnosis and has deeply influenced thinkers such as Walter Benjamin and Hermann Hesse who said that “in the pages of this book, On the Cosmogonic Eros, the nearly unspeakable has been forged into words.”

Expect pre-order in Fall 2018

We will add more information on all titles the closer we come to publication, so stay tuned.