2014 – Updates on Authors and Releases

After weeks and months of hard work behind the scenes we are very happy to give you further updates on new authors and upcoming releases. We are expecting our new publication cycle to commence in early 2014. Please expect more detailed information on all projects when their respective time of publication draws nearer.


Cave of the Numinous

by Craig Williams (Preface by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya)

In this highly anticipated work, initiate and spiritual teacher Craig Williams will expound on the fundamental importance and esoteric significance of the sacred link between master and student as the primary basis of all advanced work on the Left Hand Path. We are then led through the shadowy labyrinths of the Daath Gnosis towards the primal encounters and into the Cave of the Numinous. In his work, Craig Williams is able to draw on deep initiated knowledge and experience of more than two decades of ongoing esoteric studies and personal work with his main Gurus.

After many years of private teachings and personal tuition in Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra and Vedic Astrology, Craig Williams has been awarded the title of “Veda Kovid” and “Yogacharya” by his Guru Pandit Vamadeva Shastri and the American Institute of Vedic Studies.  As a Left Hand Path initiate and one of very few Westerners he has received the initiation of Brahman from his Guru Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya in 2013. Craig is also a personal chela of Hierophant David Beth and has received advanced initiations and empowerments in the systems Tau Beth oversees.


The Vodou Quantum Leap 

(extended and revised edition)
by Dr. Reginald Crosley

Theion Publishing is honored to welcome Dr. Reginald Crosley amongst our authors. Together we are happy to realize a project of great personal importance to us: The republication of the long out of print and heavily sought after The Vodou Quantum Leap in a fully revised and heavily expanded fine edition.

Endorsed by famous Houngan and Bizango Max Beauvoir, The Vodou Quantum Leap by Haitian metaphysician and medical Doctor Reginald Crosley was first published in 2000. Met with profound astonishment and great excitement by advanced practitioners of Voudon this work penetrates into the hidden depths of Haitian Esotericism as a profound Gnostic system and magical machinery. Drawing upon inside knowledge, personal research and the modus operandi of the secret societies of Haiti, Dr. Crosley reveals the mysteries of the Voltigeurs; The Leapers of Esoteric Voudon who penetrate deeply into the many strange dimensions of Reality becoming masters of occult power and spiritual evolution.

Expect this book in summer 2014


Apart from these projects we will also publish original material by David Beth in 2014, more information on this and other projects ‘when the time is right’.

Old book with feather and inkpot (c) Sergey Yarochkin, Fotolia #35066082