Sudden passing of esoteric pioneer Dr. Moros

With great regret and sadness we must inform our friends and readers of the sudden passing of our friend and esoteric colleague Dr. Arthur Moros, author of the forthcoming The Cult of the Black Cube. Insightful scholar on the Outer he was first and foremost an esoteric practitioner and researcher on the Inner for more than 25 years with a special focus on the Saturnian Gnosis. His body was found in the land of Kush where Moros, never afraid of adventure and risk, investigated ancient traces of the Saturnian Cultus. Contact had been lost for days until his body was found. The cause of death remains unknown.

Before his departure, Dr. Moros had sent us his manuscript for the “Cube” book and we will be committed to making this book a testament to his lifelong devotion to the Saturnian deity of which he was a hidden high priest.

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Update: “The Faceless God” is in stock

Our latest release The Faceless God by Dr. Tomas Vincente (Standard Edition) is now in stock and shipping. We expect the Auric ‘deluxe’ Edition (sold out) to ship in late November/early December.

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Interview with Dr. Tomas Vincente, Author of “The Faceless God”

Dr. Tomas Vincente is the author of Theion Publishing’s forthcoming release The Faceless God, a true tour de force on the Gnosis of the Left Hand. He has been a practitioner and researcher of the occult Arte for more than two decades. In his ‘profane’ life, Dr. Vincente is a respected professor at a North American University and author of various academic works relating to esotericism.

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New projects & upcoming pre-order

On the Cosmogonic Eros by Ludwig Klages: Theion Publishing has just secured the rights to the first ever English translation of Ludwig Klages’ On the Cosmogonic Eros. Certainly one of the most fascinating and evocative books on esoteric metaphysics of the 20th century this work is a true milestone in the revival of a primordial pagan Gnosis.
Cult of the Black Cube by Dr. Arthur Moros: Cult of the Black Cube is a fascinating and strategically composed collection of esoteric texts, traditions and techniques which together manifest the essence of the mysterious Saturn death cult, traces of which can be found in in various esoteric traditions. To be released in Spring 2017.

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Update: Shipping of The Benighted Path + Work on The Faceless God

All pre-ordered Standard copies of The Benighted Path by Richard Gavin shipped in early February. We are very pleased about how well the book is being received and appreciate all the positive feedback! You can order your copy here: The Benighted Path


The Auric ‘deluxe’ Edition copies of The Benighted Path have turned into truly magical tomes exceeding even our own expectations – shipping begins tomorrow and all books should be with their new owners in early April at the latest.


We are currently hard at work on manifesting The Faceless God by Dr. Tomas Vincente (Scheduled for Summer 2016). He just updated his website with relevant information on his forthcoming book: – make sure to sign up for our mailing list if you do not want to miss the pre-order options for this and future titles. Keep in mind that our Auric ‘deluxe’ Editions tend to sell out during subscribers’ pre-order.

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Shipping update: Chthonic Gnosis

Pre-ordered copies of the Standard Edition of Chthonic Gnosis are reaching their new owners all over the world. The book is in stock and shipping and you can get your copy here: Chthonic Gnosis. The Auric Edition copies are currently being handbound in a fine high quality leather and expected to ship at the end of October. The Auric Edition is sold out.

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(c) 2015, J.Witzky. "Father's Moon."

Shipping update & News on further releases

With all pre-ordered standard copies of The Vodou Quantum Leap having arrived at their new homes we are happy to announce that shipment of the Auric copies will begin today.
New author and release: Theion Publishing is very pleased to welcome Richard Gavin to its fold. As long time admirers of his work we are especially delighted to be publishing Richard’s first full length book of occult non-fiction. Get ready to enter The Benighted Path.

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