Liber Nigri Solis

Liber Nigri Solis, edited by Victor Voronov, elaborates the occult, magical and initiatory work of two esoteric orders. Presenting the aeonic history, mythic imagery, and arcane aesthetics of the Black Sun along with its alchemical and astrological aspects and significances, this opus includes a concise though multi-faceted esoteric system in theory and practice suitable for work with the Black Sun on microcosmic, mesocosmic, and macrocosmic levels. It will enable solitary practitioners and occult colleagues alike to cultivate the Gnosis of the Sol Niger through self-initiatory workings, rites, and operations of sinister alchemy.

The reader will be provided with eighteen keys which open the nine Infernal Gates and the nine Gates of Radiant Darkness, ultimately leading to the vision of the Black Sun, which radiates twelve Crooked Paths that cross the nine Thresholds. The text also expounds significant concepts such as the Fivefold Unmanifest or the Grand Chymical Conjunction of the arcane Black Suns that unveils the fiery gates of the Inverse Opus. Beyond researches concerning the sunspot cycle and cosmological considerations pertaining to Indo-Iranian mythology, substantial theoretical and operative material concerning plague-magic and epidemics has been included.

Liber Nigri Solis is a truly controversial grimoire and whether one agrees or not with all of its antinomian gnosis and sinister strategies, the uniqueness, sophistication and otherworldly power of its system is undeniable.

Lavishly illustrated with artwork commissioned especially for this book, Liber Nigri Solis also features a fascinating, elaborate introduction by Dr. Eva Kingsepp of Stockholm University.

lnstrbgBibliographic details: 165×235 mm, 288pp, 10 full page halftone illustrations, numerous further illustrations.

All books are printed and bound in Germany; our auric editions are produced to the highest standards of German Handwerkstradition.

Auric Edition: Limited to 60 hand-numbered copies (of which eight are retained for private distribution): Hand bound in Emerald-Green goat leather, front embossing, black lettering on spine, raised bands, ribbon. Each auric copy will feature an additional ivory sheet. This extra page will contain a unique hand drawn sigil and corresponding handwritten magical text pertaining to one of sixty occult concepts of the Black Sun. All copies will be true individual talismanic grimoires of Sol Niger, consecrated to the current.  SOLD OUT

Standard Edition: Limited to 540 hand-numbered copies only: bound in full ivory cloth, black front embossing, black lettering on spine.


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